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Welcome to Egyptian Wicca, I hope that you find what you seek, either within these pages or elsewhere. Wicca is a beautiful religion, peaceful, moral, and your journey has begun.  I know there are many sources that cover the details of Wicca, and just as many that detail the lives and history of the Egyptians, but there wasn't anything that combined the two.  Here you will find a road map that can guide you in worshiping the Egyptian Pantheon THROUGH Wicca.. 

This site is being built, but it is a slow process, and I apologize for the extensive under construction tags you will get here until my work is done.  You can always email me questions or idea, I would love to learn how you have incorporated your worship of the Egyptian Gods withing your Wicca practice.

I will complete as many pages as I can at a time and publish them as soon as they are ready - possibly before.  I may have plain text pages with the information, just not all dolled up into a finished website.  I am here to educate and possibly inspire you to find the path you are meant to be on - I'm not here to make money - so this is all free.
Apathos Archegos has been a practicing Eclectic Wiccan for over 17, founded a church to train and endorse military Lay Leaders, started an Open Eclectic Circle Celebration group that had over 500 members that included worship, meditation, education for free.
               Ours is a beautiful and poetic religion, and as an Eclectic Solitaire I find the freedom                 to enjoy many different flavors of Ritual and my Spiritual experience broadens every                  day.
- Apathos Archegos 
He is currently a reitred United States Sailor permanently disabled in the Iraq War.  He is a single father of five living on the East coast of North Carolina. He writes, and is currently finishing a novel, education books about Wicca, and developing the sites greek/celtic/egyptian/norse wicca.com/net/org.
Egyptian Wicca
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